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Frequently asked questions

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Q - Can I have more twin

A- No, you can only have one twin and you have to break the relationship with that twin city to become twin with another

Q - Where can I find the alien

A - You can find the alien in your coffee shop or in a friends

Q - Where can I find the pink flower to collect petals from

A - If you do not wish to buy the pink flower bed you can find one at Don's and collect flower petals from that one

Q - What is the best way to get wrath, rage and bliss

A - Find the person you have the highest relationship with be it enemy or friend and keep trying in there city

Q - Can I get items like unity and bliss from someone other than my twin city

A - Yes, as long as you got a high enough friends relationship with someone ten it will unlock the section for you to use to try for unity and trust

Q- How many neighbors can i visit during 1 day.

A- You can visit around 30 neighbors with 1 exception. You can visit all your first time neighbors and you get 3 bonus energys plus 5 visit energy.

Q- When is the reset?

A- Reset is at midnight GMT

Q- Is there cash, materials or diamond limit?

A- No.

Q- Is there collectibles limit?

A- Yes, you can see the limit in your inbox, it is different for every item.

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